Buy YouTube Comments

Buy Youtube Comments

The best YouTubers know that one way to improve their audience’s viewing experience is to get more comments. We can provide custom comments for your videos to help them grow in popularity. Videos with a lot of comments and discussions (likes, dislikes, reshares) are more likely to be noticed by YouTube algorithms and if As a result, you can reach more people with your content. So come and buy Youtube Comments quickly!

Buy YouTube comments and boost your channel!

Millions of videos are uploaded every day on YouTube alone. As a result, it becomes more and more difficult to become famous and make money. YouTube is a lot more competitive than it used to be. It takes a lot of time and effort to get to the front page of YouTube, but once you’re there, it’s worth everything. Sometimes it can take months or even years for your content to become popular, but when it finally does, the hard work really starts to pay off. The more YouTube views, likes or comments you get, the faster this process goes.

Many people browse to the comments of a video. So if you want to make a strong impression, check out the comment section and respond when needed. Others can see how popular your videos are and will subscribe more quickly.

Why should I buy YouTube comments?

If you’re not sure what to write, or if you’re worried that your content isn’t engaging enough, it might be a good idea to buy YouTube engagement. You can get deep insights into your viewers and provide engaging content through YouTube comments. Here are some key reasons why you should buy some comments to get the ball rolling:

  • When people see that you already have a lot of comments, likes, shares and views, it inspires them to participate too. As a result, your followers will grow organically, increasing conversions, sales and leads.
  • The YouTube algorithm is fickle and hard to please, so it pushes your video to the right audience in feeds and to the top of the search results you to create credibility, social proof and engagement. What kind of content do you think jet does better? A video with hundreds of thousands of views and engagement, or a video with barely any views and engagement? Getting more engagement usually leads to better conversions.
  • We all know the situation where it sometimes seems like it’s impossible to grow a business. In the beginning, all famous YouTubers had the same problems, but they found ways to overcome them. To make your content strategy successful, you need a plan and our services.

That’s why we offer the best quality comments and other products. They will definitely improve your popularity and engagement. You can also buy YouTube likes and views to get ahead of your competitors and grow faster – all through our secure promotion methods.

Should I enable ‘Comments’?

Youtube’s comment sections can be pretty nasty. But they are also an essential part of their feedback loop. The algorithm shows you videos that have more likes, dislikes, shares, watch time and comments.

To manage the comments, you need a strategy. One option is to set keywords for moderator approval or enable automated moderation. You can ban certain languages, but the best approach is to stay alert and act as an active moderator, paying attention to comments that aren’t included in your parameters. Unfortunately, AI is not advanced enough to understand nuances. We therefore recommend that you check the comments yourself.

In ‘Creator Studio‘ (or YouTube Studio’) go to ‘Community Settings’. You can invite moderators by adding their YouTube channel URL. eris not an ‘I’ in moderator!

In ‘Community Settings’ you can adjust your blocking options. You can add blocked words to the list. If any of these words appear in a comment, it will be hidden and kept for review.

If you’re a little paranoid when it comes to comments, you can turn on the “moderated” setting. If this setting is enabled, all new posts will appear under the ‘edited’ tab unless approved by a moderator.

Turning off comments is like swimming against the tide. It is not impossible, but it is difficult to get somewhere quickly. By using moderation techniques, you can work smarter and reduce the amount of spam you have to moderate.

How can I view YouTube comments?

If a video has comment sections enabled, you can post your own comments or comment on others’ comments.

View comments on a video

Scroll to the bottom of the page to see what other people have said about a video. All comments on YouTube are public and anyone can comment on any feedback you post. They are divided into threads for an easier way to keep track of conversations.

Sometimes your comment may not appear when you receive a notification. This could be the case if the original poster deleted it or the channel owner deleted it. Comments can also be removed if they violate the policy.

View your YouTube comment history

If you missed some of the old YouTube comments, you can revisit them by scrolling down to see your past posts.

  1. Go to the comment history.
  2. Click or tap the content to go to the original place where you posted your comment.

Please note that comments you left on a deleted video or if your comment was removed for violating YouTube’s policies will not be included here. Comments you don’t agree with disappear in the sands of time.

Why can’t I see the comments on YouTube?

Check if this is a known issue

There seems to be a recurring bug with YouTube comments. Every now and then this problem will occur. So check social media or google to see if other users have been talking about the same problem lately

Check your browser

Be sure to check that your browser is working properly next on our list. Even if you can access YouTube in any browser, if the problem persists, you should try using Chrome while the problem is resolved.

When you’re done, go to Help and select About Chrome. The latest browser version should be installed automatically.

To clear the memory cache and cookies in a web browser: From the ‘More’ menu, select ‘History’ and then go to ‘Clear browsing data’. Clear your browser cache and delete cookies older than four weeks.

Then navigate to Settings → Cookies and other site data → Show all cookies and site data → type “youtube” in the search box → and click the option Remove all shown.

To make sure you keep your YouTube preferences, cookies and browsing history to yourself, you can click the lock icon next to the URL in your browser and then click cookies. Then delete all cookies associated with . You may want to refresh your old tab and see the effect.

Finally, disable all your browser extensions to make sure they don’t interfere with YouTube scripts. As a reminder, it is known that ad blockers andprivacy extensions break the scripts of the websites you visit. Go to More options → then More tools → on the Extensions tab → Disable each extension manually.

If the problem persists, please reinstall the browser.

If you’re using the YouTube Mobile app, open Settings – Apps – YouTube. Tap Storage, then enter the amount of storage you want to free up by tapping Clear cache.

Update the YouTube app

To make sure your YouTube app is up to date, launch the Google Play Store and type “YouTube” in the search bar. Then click the “Update” button when it appears on the screen.

If this problem persists, please uninstall YouTube, reboot your device and reinstall the app.

What is the most liked comment of all time on youtube?

You can see the most liked comments on YouTube here.

The comment with the most comments, over 3 million, is “I’m the bald guy” at the Billie Eilish – bad guy video

What is the most popular comment on YouTube?

The most popular comment on YouTube is “All your bases are ours,” which was uploaded by a user named “Tyrannosaurus Tex.” This comment has over a million likes and over a million dislikes.

Did YouTube remove the comments section?

YouTube has disabled comments on mostly child-oriented channels after a controversy over inappropriate posts appearing on videos created by children.

YouTube plans to remove comments on videos featuring minors in the coming months. Only a few channels with kids are allowed to have a comments section, but even that comes with a caveat: they should disable their comments for security reasons. “These channels should actively moderate their comments, in addition to using our moderation tools, and exhibit a low risk of predatory behavior,” wrote YouTube in a blog post.

Can everyone see your YouTube comments?

YouTube comments are private by default. To make someone’s comments public, they must be enabled in the video’s settings.

Is there a way to delete all your YouTube comments?

Deleting your YouTube comments is a lot easier than you might think. If you only want to delete one comment, click the three dots in the top right corner of the comment to reveal an option that says “delete”. You can also go to your account settings and select ‘Delete my comments’.

How does buying YouTube comments work?

It’s easy to buy comments for any video you want. Just decide the video and the number of comments you need and get it done.

  • Choose how many comments you want:
  • Copy the link to your YouTube video and complete the order.
  • We will then carefully review your video and start writing the comments
  • It takes about 24 hours for your comments to appear on your video.

How do I find the link to my video?

To watch the video in full, open it in your YouTube app and tap the ‘Share’ button and then the ‘Copy Link’ option. You can now use this link to provide a direct YouTube video URL when placing your order.

Can I decide for myself what will appear in the comments?

Yes, you can decide for yourself what is shown. You can also leave the commentswrite if you want. We’ll work with you to create custom comments that best suit your needs.

Can the comments be divided over multiple videos?

Sorry, but you have to place a separate order for each video. The minimum number of comments we can give per video is 10.

You can enter the video links and add them to your cart, or buy several for one video.

Can my video be removed if I buy comments?

No you can’t. YouTube only removes videos with certain types of content, such as excessive violence, pornography, or illegal activity.

If this were possible, people would buy comments on their competitors’ videos to get them banned.

We’re constantly monitoring the service to make sure everything is completely secure. Influencers, companies and vloggers regularly use this service to promote their product or brand

How long will it take before I get the comments?

All comments are written specifically for your video, so your order may take 0-6 hours to process. After we write the comments, it can take up to 24 hours for them to be delivered to your video.

Why are Youtube comments important?

What’s really great about YouTube is that people who really love your channel often watch all your new videos, like and comment on them as well. To keep your followers happy, it’s essential that you get a high level of engagement from time to time. It’s important to connect with people on YouTube. You must respond to feedback immediately after uploading a new video. Comments mean engagement, and having more interaction among your videos will encourage others to watch it too. This also applies to short videos.

It’s a good idea to take a moment to consider both the positive and negative feedback. If you don’t have many subscribers yet, listening to your followers can help you figure out ways to reach more people. Buying YouTube comments or is definitely something to think about.

There is no risk in buying comments, but it can catch the attention of other users. Real YouTube comments generally look better, but comments created by bots are also effective. 

Is it legal to buy YouTube comments?

Yes, it is legal to buy comments on YouTube. However, in some countries you are not allowed to get likes and – so the same rule applies to engagement – on your social media from a company. However, an individual may always buy those comments.

It’s actually against YouTube’s guidelines to buy followers, likes, and comments. If they find out you did it, they’ll be removed, but it won’t affect your channel otherwise.

Do you need my login details and password?

All we need is the link to your video and your email address so we can contact you if we need to. Don’t worry, we don’t need anything else, especially your passwords.

Which countries do the profiles of the comments come from?

The profiles come mainly from the USA. They are profile pictures that look like completely real profiles.

Why do people buy YouTube comments?

Some people buy YouTube comments to increase their status, a competitive advantage, or because they want others to see them a certain way. They may also do it because they feel that their company or videos are not popular and think it will help them attract more viewers.

Others do it because it is much more difficult to get comments than eg likes or views. The point is that it’s not always easy to get involvedto get unity with the video, it’s especially difficult if there are no comments yet. That’s because posting a comment takes more effort than pressing the like button.

Most people use the purchased YouTube comments as a way to get more subscribers in an easy and fast way.

Can other people see that I bought comments?

We never share personal information without your permission. We will never provide or disclose your comments to third parties. They are anonymized and provided with a randomly generated ID that cannot be traced back to you (unless you identify yourself). So if you don’t tell, nobody can find out.

Write YouTube comments 

There are several ways to leave a comment on YouTube. This can be done via the app or computer and you must be logged in with your Google account.

Tap the Comments button below the video and tap the comment text field.

You can also reply to someone else’s post. All you have to do is press the comment you want to respond to.

Press the ‘send’ button. This is the blue arrow at the bottom of your screen. When you do this, the comment will be posted.

Add formatting such as bold text to your comments

Would you like your comment to stand out? You can use some text formatting on YouTube while writing your comment. You can do this by using special characters when writing your comment. There are dedicated websites for this like this Bold text Generator.

Bold text on YouTube

To type bold text on YouTube you can use the asterisk *. The text between the asterisks is bold be.

Italic or Italic text 

Use an underscore _ on either side of the text to add italic text:

This is how you add italic text in a YouTube comment. 

The text between the underscores will be italic and the rest of the text will be displayed as standard text.

Add crossed out text

You can also display part of the text crossed out. This is a nice way to clarify or correct something. You use the dash -.

-This then becomes crossed out text-

Should the comments stay within YouTube guidelines?

Yes, all comments must follow YouTube’s guidelines or they won’t be added or displayed. We are not responsible for this as it is something we have no control over.

You can easily delete comments on YouTube to emphasize the story you want to tell.

The quality of the content will make a difference when it comes to what people think. So if you’re looking for people to comment on your content, you also want those comments to say good things about what you do!

Creating delicious content that viewers want to see helps grow your YouTube channel. Buying the highest quality YouTube comments and engagement will help you track your growth and encourage more people to discover your content.


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